Thursday, November 16, 2006

Episode #28: Review of "Usual Suspects"

Our episode review of "Usual Suspects" can be found here.

Fun Pic Courtesy of Grace (thanks!)

Show notes:
* Thanks to Josh and Kristy for joining me this week on the analysis discussion. I am still looking for another person for the panel discussion.

Legends & References by Greg:
1. Death Omens and Death Warnings
2. Linda Blair biography
3. Opinions on the episode

Krista's List of Five Important Things:
1. Chemistry
2. Engaging and involved
3. Building the terror
4. Appropriate reactions
5. No overshadowing

Music by Jess:
The songs of the night, "Action" by Lords of Altamont was provided tonight from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check them out at

The next podcast will discuss Episode "Crossroad Blues"

***Oops, I just noticed that I did not edit out me calling my significant other a "dumb twit" in Ep27. It was not meant for any of you...

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kj said...

hey ellen I have written before I am KJ, I was just thinking just something to say, um Dean is so upset it brakes my heart I have never seen Dean cry but when he did it broke my heart, Dean i feel so sorry for him I want him to know it wasn't himself