Thursday, December 14, 2006

Episode #31: Review of "Croatoan"

Our episode review of "Croatoan" can be found here

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*Thanks to Josh for joining me this week on the analysis discussion.

1) Croatoan
2) Pop culture references (good ones, too!)

For the Light Finds Ways of Being Engraved on the Dark*: Five Glances at Supernatural's Dark Humor in Croatoan 
 *title is paraphrased from Emiliana Torrini's song "Serenade"

Song of the night is "Rain Down on You" by Hamhorta. Check it out at

Grace has a great new website: Supernatural Addicts
Episode 2.10 will air January 11, 2007, so our next episode will be an analysis of demons.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

hey Ellen
Greg here
ive noticed a few audio gaps in the recent podcast.
any idea whats happened?


supernaturalpodcast said...

My audio program totally freaked out on me, and I have re-done it three times... I think there is an irreparable corruption in the file... I just posted a new one that seems a little better.

Greg said...

any idea what i should research for the next podcast?