Sunday, February 11, 2007

Episode #36: Review of "Houses of the Holy"

Our episode review of "Houses of the Holy" can be found here

*Thanks to Jamie Dunlap for letting us play his song that was played in the episode called "Down on Love" (that Dean was listening to on his cell while on the bed).
*Thanks to Josh for joining me this week on the analysis discussion.

1) Angelology by Greg
2) Houses of the Holy
3) Deanna Laney
4) Redemption
5) Roma Downey
6) Seance
7) Ghost
8) Spongebob Squarepants
9) The 700 Club
10) Wormwood
11) Last Rites

Five Great Fanvids (Comedy) edition by Krista
Starwars by FrickAngel
Bitchface by monkiedude
Boonies' Badass 
Hangin Tough

“Knockin’ on Heavens Door” by Bob Dylan
“Down on Love” by Jamie Dunlap. A big thanks to Jamie for allowing me to play this great song.

***Episode review of "Born Under a Bad Sign" will be out in a couple of days.


Anne said...

great podcast! i'm a new listener, and a huge fan of the show! Thanks for making such an awesome podcast! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Just a small note... John's dog tags state that he was non-religous (at least before Mary's death).


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a new listener. Found your podcast on I-Tunes and I like it. Though I start to wonder when the next episode is coming. Anyway... cant wait. Keep up the great work (especially with all the informations about the urban legends and the creatures *thumbs up*)!

Eddie said...

Hi There.

Have just found your blog and shall be returning.

Just started a tv blog and Supernatural will be one of the progs.

Keep going.


jay said...

ellen- please hurry up on the next podcasts!!! im having withdraws!!

tracy_thompson said...

What happened? Are you still doing the podcasts? I'm also having withdrawls!!!

chris said...

I refresh the podcast everyday.. hoping.. wishing....

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do another podcast soon!!!

Lindy said...

Can not wait for the next podcast!!
Keep up the good work on the podcast.
New listener here...

nancy wallmeyer said...

Ellen!!!! where's the new 'casts!!! i miss you're info!!! i want to know what you thought of Evil (ok, possessed) Sam!!