Saturday, February 16, 2008

Episode #50: "Dream a Little Dream of Me"

Our episode review of "Dream a Little Dream of Me" can be found here

*Thanks to Josh for joining me for the analysis discussion.
*Thanks to Kristen and Beth for the great episode recap.

*African Dream Root

*“Long Train Runnin'” by The Doobie Brothers
*“Dream a Little Dream of Me” cover by (Mama) Cass Elliot

The song of the night tonight is “Forget All We Used to Know” by Bows and Arrows Brought to you by the podshow podsafe music network.


Anonymous said...

About the recording thing. I TiVo Supernatural and watch it later - because it is the most important show. I'm a teacher and leave for work at 5:30 am and get home at 4:30 pm. By 8:00 pm I'm falling asleep. Supernatural is a show you need to be able to think about as you watch it. So I watch it on Saturday Mornings.

I keep the whole season on my TiVo and back it up on DVD's till the season DVD's come out.

The ratings people need to change the way they think about recording vs live shows. I really don't pay much attention to shows I watch live - They are usually just background noise while I do lesson plans or respond to student's posts on the class forums/IM's.

Anonymous said...

i was kinda wondering why you didn't mention bobby talking with sam about when he summoned the guy's father, bobby asked if it had anything to do with Sam's psyhic abilities. cause that's like the first time this season they actually mentioned it.