Monday, March 10, 2008

Episode #52: "Jus in Bello"

Our episode review of "Jus in Bello" can be found here

*Supernatural has been renewed for the 4th season!
*The next all-new episode will air 4/25/08
*Thanks to Josh for joining me for the analysis discussion.
*Thanks to Kristen and Samantha for the great episode recap.

*Lilith research by Greg


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Aileen said...

Hey, you listened to my comment last time and made it more clear who said what during the synopsis part! Thanks! It made the synopsis a lot more clear.

I haunt the TWOP ( forums to hear what other people are saying about the latest Supernatural episode, but no one that I know of had suggested that Lillith was anything other than a demon. Your idea that she was a Special Child was interesting.

Another great podcast! Keep up the good work!

Kristen said...

There was a part around the 33 minute mark where you and Josh lost connection for a minute and were saying, "Hello, hello?" Did you forget to edit that out? Sometimes I have lapses in attention when I'm editing the recaps.

And thanks Aileen for the constructive criticism. We always take the fan's point of view into account, so I made sure to attribute all the quotes this time.

Great podcast, as always!

Mail Order Zombie said...

Another great episode! I've been listening to the podcast since Season Two of the show, and your podcast is the perfect accompaniment to the near-perfect Supernatural!

Good stuff!

I was disappointed that Hendrickson was killed off so soon after he finally came over to the side of our heroes. It would have been nice to see him pop up from time to time lending a hend or vice versa.

It seems like so many occasional supporting characters have been killed off or written off as of late. Gordon. Henricksen. I was okay with Ash being killed off last season, but still . . .

I'm also glad I wasn't the only one to notice the Assault on Precinct 13 vibe . . . !

supernaturalpodcast said...

oops, I missed the hello at minute 33. We had severe internet issues and dropped connections. I thought I had edited them all out... garageband sometimes flakes out on me and does not save properly. I'll have to keep closer attention! Can't wait for the show to return!

Great recap, Kristen!

Jonathan (aka. TacticalChaos15) said...

Yes this was a very good podcast and a very good episode. It was the perfect way to end off until the new episodes. I really liked Hendrickson the entire episode but once he became a good guy I feared the worst. I was really sad when he died since I consistantly liked his character the past 2 years but I saw that it had to happen.

I hope Lilith gets out of the little girls body because of two reasons, first, it was just creepy. The white eyes were a really nice touch. Second, could you imagine dean and sam running around the globe trying to kill a little girl? That wouldn't be good.

I would have been fine with Bella dying in this episode, I hope they catch her and put an end to the crap that she has been pulling. I mean, seriously, why do they keep being around her.

I just started listing to the podcast around " Fresh Blood" and liked it so much I have downloaded and listened to every episode on iTunes. I always look for it after and episode so I can get your guys thoughts on it and if my DVR missed it, I really look forward to the recap. So keep up the great work !