Friday, October 03, 2008

Episode #58: "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester"

Our episode review of "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" can be found here

*Thanks to Josh for joining me for the analysis discussion.
*Thanks to Kristen and Emily for the great episode recap!

*Rising of the Witnesses
*66 Seals

"Lonely Is the Night” by Billy Squier

The song of the night tonight is "Weighty Ghost” by Wintersleep. Brought to you by the podshow podsafe music network.


Crystal-Rain Love said...

I started freaking out when I heard Lonely Is The Night!!! I've always thought it was the PERFECT song for Supernatural and can't believe it took until the fourth season for them to include it (of course I've heard Mr. Squier isn't as generous with his music as, say, Kansas, so that could possibly be why).

Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved to see the second episode turn up here - I can't find any other supernatural podcasts anywhere. Isn't that odd? You'd think there'd be a mass of them wouldn't you? Anyway, thanks a lot to you, please keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

love the show but josh really needs to move away from his mic or move it lower from his mouth, all the breathing really annoys me

Jenn said...

Hi - so glad you guys are back! I've missed the show and the podcast. I do have one little correction for you though. Ronald Reznick is not the guy from Lost. It's Chris Gauthier, probably best known for his role as Vincent in SciFi's Eureka - another great show if you've never caught it.

I have to agree with you, Ellen, about the direction of the show and it's taking a more Biblical turn. It does seem odd that they're going here after three years of dismissing it. But I just had a thought - Supernatural likes to explore myths and legends, and (I'm sure I'll get some flack for this) but what bigger myth surrounds us today than the Christian creation story? I guess it is a natural progression for the show - but I too am hesitant to see where it will go.

Anyway, LOVE the podcast and can't wait to hear more!

Jenn said...

Sorry - one more thing. THANK YOU for confirming the Constantine nod. When he first appeared I looked at my hubby and said, "What the crap? Constantine?!" Glad I was right on that one!

josh said...

sorry, anonymous, for the mic situation. i agree it is annoying. i noticed it this episode and tried to be aware of it for the next one.

Anonymous said...

The Episode title is also reference to a Venture Brothers episode entitled "Are you there, god? It's me Dean" The Venture Brothers actually has another relation to Supernatural because Ben Edlund, Supernatural producer and writer is friends with the Venture Brothers creators and he actually wrote one episode.

adele said...

Supernatural is somewhat endearing in that the main characters are brothers, however, the writing makes the characters more believable. They are different from each other, each with their own take on life and things that are not typical. I think as the show goes on it will continue to get better,though it is great now. I can't wait to see more of this show! Dean is so cool as ever..Catch him Watch Supernatural Free here