Sunday, November 16, 2008

Episode #60: "Metamorphosis"

Our episode review of "Metamorphosis" can be found here

*Sorry for the delay! Josh and I have been sick, and we have had technical difficulties. We will catch up with the recaps soon.
*Thanks to Josh for joining me for the analysis discussion.
*Thanks to Kristen and Alysssa for the great episode recap!

*Rugaru (thanks to Greg for preparing this information!)

“Phillip's Theme” by Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers (plays in the bar when Jack's having a drink)

The song of the night tonight is "Gods and Monsters” by Lords of Altamont. Brought to you by the podshow podsafe music network.


John S. said...

So glad you guys are back. Love your podcast. Supernatural is the best.

soledad said...

I've been checking iTunes every day for the past two weeks and I was *delighted* to see Metamorphosis instead of In The Beginning =) Glad to have you back

Rao said...

I'm glad you're back guys!
I missed you in these lasts episodes!

Amanda said...

Finally you guys are back! I love you guys and I want you to keep doing the podcast. I was scared that you had abandoned it. I guess it will leave me with a lot of episodes to listen to over the hiatus! Can't believe we have to wait almost 2 months!

randombastary said...

You guys are back!! Hizzah!! I was so glad to get another podcast from ya.

randombastary said...
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Suzie said...
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Suzie said...

I just wanted to say thank you for all effort in making this podcast. I love the detail you go into. The myths, legends and references are always interesting and I love hearing your theories. This is the one podcast I really look forward to - so thanks for everything guys!!!

wheresELLENnJOSH? said...


Chris said...

I just wanted to let you know that I recently discovered your podcast and absolutely love it. I really appreciate the hard work that you put in to the research of the mythology. And you always take notice of the little details. I'm sad to see that you haven't had a chance to update with the newer episodes. Hopefully you'll be back soon.

I had something to share with you-- that is an interesting speculation. At my church today (Catholic), the reading was Gabriel appearing to Mary announcing that she was going to bear a child. The sermon from the priest was all about angels... which perked my ears up because of Supernatural's Castiel.

The priest said that when Gabriel first appeared to Mary he spoke in Latin and she didn't understand. Confused he tried again, using even more Latin. She still didn't understand. Gabriel was getting frustrated and started to doubt God's choice in Mary. She was weak, she didn't seem like she could handle the burden. But he had to trust God's choice and tried Hebrew instead-- which she finally understood. (This totally reminded me of Castiel trying to speak to Dean, and Dean not being able to understand him twice as well-- only to have him appear in a familiar way)

Then the priest made mention of angels. He said that Mary first notice a bright light and looked away. According to our priest angels give off a light that is so bright that those who witness it have to look away. Because they are blinded by the light of God, they look away, thereby forcing them to listen to the message more fully. Again, I was very interested in this because as we know the writers presented Castiel (and Anna) as being a bright light in their true form. The light of God blinding those around them (Pam, the demons).

I thought this was particularly interesting and thought you might be interested in hearing this. Hopefully your podcast will return soon. You are definitely missed!!

supernaturalpodcast said...

Don't worry, we will be back soon... thanks for your patience! Happy Holidays!