Friday, January 02, 2009

Episode #64: "Wishful Thinking"

Our episode review of "Wishful Thinking" can be found here.

*Sorry for the delay! We will catch up with the recaps soon.
*Thanks to Kristen and Samantha for the great episode recap and discussion!

*Wishing Wells

* None

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Chris said...

Another piece of trivia for you guys:

Ted Raimi played Wes in this episode. Ted Raimi is Sam Raimi's brother (as was mentioned in the podcast and was also a name that was used as an alias for Sam & Dean in a previous episode). Both of them worked together in Xena: Warrior Princess (Sam was a producer, while Ted played recurring character "Joxer"). As an added trivia piece, Sam & Ted Raimi worked on Xena with Bruce Campbell (who also played recurring character "Autolycus"). So I wouldn't be surprised if Kripke gets his wish and secures Bruce Campbell in the future (who, IMO should've played the trickster).

Hunter Winchester said...

Big fan of the podcast also love supernatural i got a question there is talk about Supernatural Movie what you think ??

Anonymous said...

I just discovered the show and this podcast. I don't see podcast episodes on iTunes before Episode #42. If they exist, where are they?

Supernatural Fan

josh said...

Supernatural Fan,
That is a really good question. Those episodes do exist, but I'm not sure why they aren't showing up on iTunes. Any ideas, Ellen?

supernaturalpodcast said...

iTunes freaks out when too may episodes are posted for some reason, but the rest of them are available for download directly from my server. They will not show up in your iTunes library as podcasts, however. Look through the archive link on this website, and you can get to the old episodes. Please contact me at for further help in downloading the older episodes. Thanks for listening!


redsky said...

I have a couple of technical issues with Kristen & Samantha's section of the podcast:

1. I don't know why you include a recap, who would listen to the podcast before watching the episode? But anyway, the issue is that it's obvious that you're reading out loud, it sounds very unnatural.
2. There's a lot of noise in the recording, it's quite distracting.

But my biggest problem with the discussion is that you have an issue with Audrey's ignorance of "stranger danger" yet it doesn't bother you that a) Dean wanting an excuse to see women in the showers is pretty creepy and b) Wes is not "endearing", he's using magic to manipulate Hope into having sex with him - he's a rapist. That's my biggest problem with this episode, that nobody acknowledges the similarity between using magic and using rohypnol. When the exact same situation was depicted on Buffy, it was clearly pointed out by Warren's girlfriend that it was rape. I was so disappointed by the lack of similar awareness on Supernatural, though not particularly surprised - but it disturbs me how many viewers failed to recognise it as rape.