Sunday, February 08, 2009

Episode #67: "Family Remains"

Our episode review of "Family Remains" can be found here.

*Sorry for the delay! We will catch up with the recaps soon.
*Thanks to Kristen and Annie for the great episode recap and discussion!

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Heather said...

I love the podcasts. About Dean's PTSD I've always believed he got his full memory back at the end of "Yellow Fever" and the show down with Uriel hurt him in someway. He seemed fairly messed up after it.

Chris said...

Oh Ellen, I'm so saddened by your dislike of Bonnie Hunt. I've been a HUGE fan of Bonnie Hunt for many years. Josh was right-- she's played the best friend in a number of romantic comedies, most notably in "Return to Me" which starred David Douchovny and Minnie Driver (she also helped write the screenplay). She's best known for her improv and written work-- or at least that's what she's best at.

I did see My Bloody Valentine... in 3D. It's SO VERY WORTH IT in 3D. I think it would be your run of the mill slasher flick, but the 3D gives it that extra fun, rollar coaster type rush. It also had my friend and I guessing who the murderer was right to the big reveal. Personally I enjoyed it and the theatre was CRAMMED with people.

That being said-- Missed hearing you and Josh. You guys have great raport and I can't wait to hear the other episodes that are forthcoming.

Emma said...

Hi all,

I had to leave a comment about your discussion of Dean's lack of PTSD. We have seen heaps of symptoms this season. First off, his sleeping habits. Dean has been over sleeping and having vivid nightmares ie. ITB and WT and now in FR he isn't sleeping at all. Also, he seems even more distant from the normal world than we have seen him in previous seasons. He is incapable of acting in society. When he has had nightmares, reliving his time in Hell, or getting the memories back he's been crying out in agony- whether from being tortured or torturing another we don't know but his time down stairs has certainly fractured his already cracked mental state.

Dean has been withdrawn about his PTSD. He hasn't wanted to talk about his time in Hell as we saw in WT and wanted it to just go away but it all came bubbling to the surface in H&H once Alastair came on the scene. Although he has finally vocalized the horrible experience he had in Hell I still think a complete and total breakdown is coming.

Take FR as an example. It was obvious Dean was off his game. He was "running on fumes" as Sam pointed out and seemed to lack the smarts to leave Ted alone. He also seemed off his game while fighting the children in the walls.

Dean is suffering PTSD in my opinion and it'll only get worse as the season pans out.

Ann said...

I liked the Bonnie Hunt show interviews. With both the boys. I didn't really want to hear all about their movies anyway. You watch talk shows to connect with the actors, and I feel that's what Bonnie brought out in Jensen. It was nice to get a different kind of interview after watching the others with the same stories.

As for My Bloody Valentine, you should see it. Definitely worth it in 3D. I hate horror movies but I went for Jensen and I actually ended up liking it.

josh said...

Of course everything Bonnie Hunt has been in came rushing back to me once we quit recording! I do remember enjoying her Jerry Maguire and Return to Me.

I'm upset that I was too slow to see My Bloody Valentine in 3-D, especially after hearing your recommendations. I will definitely catch it once it comes to DVD.

Bog said...

this podcast is amazing!!
thank you Ellen so much for keeping up with this idea, I am Bogdana BTW, a huge Supernatural fan but only recently found out about your podcast and have listened to all season 3 and 4 comments this past weekend!
If I can help in any way - though I live in Europe at the moment and will move to the US only this fall - drop me a note and will do my best to help!

supernaturalpodcast said...

Sorry it came across that I did not like Bonnie Hunt. I am not a fan, but I liked her in Jerry Maguire. Jared's interview with Bonnie was really good.