Sunday, March 08, 2009

Episode #69: "After School Special"

Our episode review of "After School Special" can be found here.

*Check out this awesome promo pic Josh found from this episode here.
*Thanks to Kristen and Jennifer for the great episode recap!
*Thanks to Josh for joining me on the discussion!

The song of the night tonight is a cover of the song “Maybe I'm Amazed” by Blake Morgan. Brought to you by the podshow podsafe music network.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

Thought you might like this:

"Vampire" skeleton

Chris said...

Wow... I feel semi-famous now. Either that or completely pathetic for posting so much ;-)

Re: Dodgeball

I'm a high school teacher and just last week I was having a conversation with my coworker who teaches gr. 9 gym. I asked him what are the different sports that they teach the kids and he mentioned dodgeball. I was shocked and he said that it's in the curriculum. Now, keep in mind I'm in Canada-- but our curriculum is pretty stringent and would definitely not allow for something if they thought it was dangerous. Yet, apparently they teach it in gym class. So there you have it!

Allison said...

Your analysis is fun and thought provoking. I found your podcasts during the hiatus and they really helped me stay in tune with the show.

I think teen Dean's last scene was mostly there to be a nice counter to Sam's ascension into popularity. Though he has changed since then. His masks are stronger, and he expects less of people.

Anonymous said...

i think that your podcasts go really in depth will alot of speculation and i really like the discussions with josh. they're really provoking and you guys bring up some really good points about the whole story archline that i haven't really thought of before.
i noticed that you guys haven't posed any new podcasts for a while and i think that you should keep them coming becuase they're jsut really great and funny to listen to :)

Anonymous said...

Come Back - We Miss You!

Anonymous said...

Where did you guys go? I just found this podcast & am hooked! I've tried the another Supernatural podcast"The CW Supernatural Podcast", but it just doesn't cut it. I like your set up-replay, discussion, questions & speculations, legends, music...It's hard to find good podcasts, so please come back :'-/

Anonymous said...

I know life has probably gotten in the way of podcasting, but I've loved your podcast and am sad there are no new episodes! Know that you are missed and if you can please keep podcastting!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
You helped me keep my sanity while I was working on my thesis. I miss your podcast so much, I hope you come back soon!

Anonymous said...

hey ellen! i'm a new supernatural fan. and i super love your podcast in a very supernatural way. Hope you'll make more. I'd like to hear your thoughts on season 5!!! ^-^ ♥

Tara said...

Now I'm bummed. I just discovered this podcast but it only goes to season 4. Can't find any other that's nearly as good. Wish that would bring it back.