Sunday, April 23, 2006

Episode #3: Review of "Dead Man's Blood"

You can listen to the review here.
Show Notes:

*Summer plans to review reruns and add in some fun content.

*Episode recap

Where are Sam's powers???
Meaning of the inscription on the Colt gun- non timebo mala
Mending of relationship of Sam and John

*History of Vampires
Description and traits of Vampires
Vampire lore in cultures around the world from ancient times to modern
What a Vampire fears
How to kill a Vampire

*Article entitled "Padalecki Plays it Cool for 'Supernatural'"
article link

*Shoutout to Mrs. Winchester! She has a brand new website all about Supernatural. It is a pretty cool site, and she is currently adding content to it. You should check it out at Mommy, What's a Doppleganger?

*Thursday we have a fresh new episode called "Salvation."

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