Friday, July 21, 2006

Episode #15: Review of "Asylum" Episode

My episode review of "Asylum" can be found here.

Show notes:
*You could be on an episode of Supernatural!

Legends & References:
*History of Mental Health and Asylums:
See Timeline 1
See Timeline 2

*Haunted Asylums
1) Seaview Hospital, Staten Island, NY
2) Bartonville Asylum Hauntings, Peoria, IL
3) Byberry Mental Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

1)Amityville Haunting
2) Smurl Haunting
3) ESP
4) Orbs
5) Things that go bump in the night

Fave Quotes:
*Dean: I love the guy, but I swear, he writes like frickin' Yoda.
*Dean: All work and no play makes Dr. Ellicott a very dull boy.
*Dean: My man Jack . . .
*Dean: Yep, the freaks come out at night.
*Gavin: Dude, she kissed me! I'm scarred for life!
*Kat: How do you guys know all about this ghost stuff? Sam: It's kind of our job. Kat: Why would anyone want a job like that?! Sam: I had a crappy guidance counselor.
*Dean: Well, that’s just gross.
*Dean: You're not gonna try and kill me are you? Sam: No. Dean:Good, 'cuz that would be awkward.

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The next podcast will discuss Episode #1.11, "Scarecrow"

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