Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Episode #17: Review of "Route 666" Episode

My episode review of "Route 666" can be found here.

Show notes:
*Supernatural season 1 box set will be released on September 5, 2006.

Legends & References:
* Route 666 in Utah
* Flying Dutchman
* Haunted Theatres in IL:
Avon Theatre
Lincoln Theatre

Fave Quotes:
*Sam: You told her. You told her? The secret? Our big family rule number one, we do what we do, and we shut up about it. For a year and a half I do nothing but lie to Jessica, and you go out with this chick in Ohio a couple of times and you tell her everything? (Dean still says nothing) Dean! Dean: Yeah, looks like it
*Sam: Occasionally I miss boring. Dean: So this killer truck... Sam: I miss conversations that didn't start with "this killer truck."
*Dean: Don't leave the house. Cassie: Don't go getting all authoritative on me, I hate it. Dean: Don't leave the house, please?

NY Post Gives CW Free Publicity, Scary One Too

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The next podcast will discuss Episode #1.14, "Nightmare"

1 comment:

shelaghc said...

One thing I noticed about the "the big family secret" line is that it's a direct contradiction to Dean asking Sam if he ever told Jessica about the Family Business from the pilot.

Why would it surprise Dean that Sam *hadn't* told her if it was supposed to be the big family secret?