Sunday, September 03, 2006

Episode #19: Review of "The Benders" Episode

My episode review of "The Benders" can be found here.

Show notes:
* That little 13 year old girl is really creepy!
* Thematic analysis is fun!
* I wonder what an ashtray made of Dean would go for on Ebay? (Just kidding)

Legends & References:
1) Godzilla vs. Mothra (1964)
2) Phantom Attackers: Phantom Attackers and Phantom Gasser
3) Ned Beatty and Deliverance (1972)
4) Amber Alert

Fave Quotes:
* Dean: When we were young, I pretty much pulled him from a fire. And ever since then I've felt responsible for him, like it's my job to keep him safe.
*Deputy Kathleen: Your, uh… your cousin's looking for you. Sam: Thank god. Where is he? Deputy Kathleen: I, uh… I cuffed him to my car.
*Dean: I'll say it again. Demons I get, people are crazy!
*Dean: Oh, you gotta be kiddin’ me. That’s what this is about? You yahoos hunt people? Pa: But the best hunt is human. Oh, there’s nothin’ like it. Holdin’ their life in your hands. Seein’ the fear in their eyes just before they go dark. Makes you feel powerful alive. Dean: You’re a sick puppy.
*Pa Bender: Tell me, any other cops gonna come lookin' for you? Dean: Oh, eat me! No, no, no...wait, wait. You actually might.

*The CW Joining With MySpace for Network Launch
*DVD Review

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The next podcast will discuss Episode #1.16, "Shadow"

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