Thursday, September 28, 2006

Episode #21: Review of Season 1

My season 1 review can be found here.

Show notes:
1) Speculation Part 1: Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero of a Thousand Faces
2) Sam and Dean discussion (personality quirks, their relationship, their relationship with others, family)
3) Unanswered questions (or why Supernatural drives me crazy): Urban Legends of Lawrence, KS; child development of 6 month old babies; Dean's Amulet; Significance of November 2nd; Ceiling Demon
4) Music makes the world go 'round

Top five scariest episodes: 5) Scarecrow; 4) Asylum; 3) Provenance; 2) Dead in the Water; 1) Bloody Mary
Top 10 favorite episodes: 10) Hookman; 9) Salvation; 8) Something Wicked; 7) Home; 6) Bloody Mary; 5) Scarecrow; 4) Asylum; 3) Dead in the Water; 2) Pilot; 1) Devil’s Trap

UGO review season 1
Gossip on JDM

The songs of the night, “End of an Era” by Supersuckers, “Broken” by Art Linton, "The Waydown" by Modest Mouse brought to you by K Records, "Without You" by Black Lab, and "Collide" by Moisture Fuel. All were provided by the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check them out at

The next podcast will review Episode 2.1, "In My Time of Dying"

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