Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Episode #23: Review of "Everyone Loves a Clown"

My episode review of "Everyone Loves a Clown" can be found here.

Show notes:
* I have a very exciting announcement to make. I am in talks with some people as to changing the format of this show, and branching out. However, we are looking for additional co-hosts for the show, (panelists, writers, researchers.) We are holding a skype meeting this Friday night to discuss our plans and record the next podcast. My skype name is caffeinekitten.

Please send me an email telling me why you would be a great addition to the show, and what your interests are. Geographic location does not matter, just a love of the show. Send your letters of interest to supernaturalpodcast at no later than Friday, October 20th.

*Thanks to JD for joining me on the discussion!!! She will be part of the panel discussion from now on :)

Legends & References:
1) Pyre
2) Coulrophobia
3) Rakshasha
4) Macabre

Fave Quotes:
*Dean: I dig the haircut. Ash: All business up front, party in the back.
*Dean: You got to be kidding me, this guy's no genius, he's a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie. Ash: I like you. Dean: Thanks.
*Dean: You still bust out crying whenever you see Ronald McDonald on the television. Sam: At least I'm not afraid of flying. Dean: Planes crash! Sam: And apparently clowns kill.
*Dean: This is humiliating. Feel like a freakin' soccer mom!
*Sam: All right, Dean, it's just we've been at Bobby's for over a week now and you haven't brought up Dad once. Dean: You know what, you're right. Come here, I want to lay my head gently on your shoulder. Maybe we can cry, hug, maybe even slow dance.

The songs of the night, “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies” by Panic! At the Disco was provided tonight from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check them out at

The next podcast will discuss Episode #2.03 "Bloodlust"

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